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Super Simple Meal Signups

Volunteers signup for a meal slot at their convenience in a meal calendar.

No registrations necessary - Volunteers can use their Google or Facebook credentials to ease logging.

Volunteers have all the information they need at their fingertips (number of people, address, allergies, likes/dislikes, nearby restaurants).


Reminder E-Mails Ensure Delivery

Volunteers are reminded with an email delivered a few days before their scheduled date.

Meal recipients also receive an email the day before - so they know who is coming, and what they are bringing

Google spreadsheets don't send reminders. But we do. Booyah Grandmaw!


Coordinators Stay Informed

Coordinators will be notified if upcoming meals have no volunteers assigned.

Coordinators will be emailed when a volunteer cancels a meal reservation.

Why volunteers LOVE

Easy way to help out another mom - and I LOVE that you put it on my calendar for me. <3 <3 <3

I was able to quickly be the first to sign up to provide a meal, and using my phone, was able to also sign up for a friend who couldn't figure out how to do it.

Easy way to choose when to bring a meal; also liked the reminder and link to the address.

One site with all the info I need and super easy to sign up and the automated reminders!

I like that I can send out the email and everyone can immediately see the days that are needed, the preferences of the family and a link to Google maps.

Seeing what others are bringing and not duplicating; having one place for all info (person's address, date I'm signed up for, etc); clarity of who is bringing on which day.